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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  March 19, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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getting you up to the minute. in about 30 minute people living in the mays chapel section will have a chance to voice their concerns about plans to build a new school. baltimore county schools would like to build at the 20-acre site. the school would have room for about 700 students and would become the largest in the county. tomorrow a soldier from baltimore will be laid to rest. major robert marchanti died when an afghan shoulder shot him to death at the end of last night a funeral service was held in lutherville. his children said they have been amazed by the outpouring of support. a report says er doctors are struggling to diagnose what's wrong with teens who show up in hospitals using synthetic or
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high tech marijuana. the drug used as k2 or spice or blaze is becoming more and more come common. there's very little information to doctors because the drug is relatively new. on the weather front temperatures running mild. 75 pape pea. 71 chest tertown. 71 jessup. so running well above average. we have seen a few showers develop in the heat of the afternoon, primarily north and west. give you a closer look on maryland's most powerful radar. northern carroll county drifting toward hanover and on the eastern shore some showers moving out of hillsborough into caroline county. watch out for rain in the next couple of minutes. 60s, 70s, falling into the expit commit. we'll talk about how things get warmer and cooler. mayor stephanie
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rawlings-blake is introducing a bill at tonight's city council meeting that will cut your property taxes. the legislation will reduce the tax by 20 cents by the year 2020. if a home is worth $200,000, that could mean a $400 savings. the baltimore said the plan is eventual. >> we have to be more competitive and we have to be more competitive in jobs and education and in property tax rates. that's why we are beginning this trend downward. >> the mayor plans to pay for the tax cut with revenue from the future casino in baltimore city as well as being physically responsible. a d minus, that's the grade maryland was given by the center for state integrity. it looked at state procedures to
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maintain transparent government. although maryland got a d minus, no state got an a and eight states received failing grades. a high school student in anne arundel county claimed that she was so fed up with being bullied that she turned to the internet for help. the teen posted her plea late last tuesday. by wednesday morning things had turned around completely. abc2 news don harrison explains. >> reporter: last week a student was feeling so much pressure from bullying at school that she reached out to a website for help. she posted a letter on read she only identified herself as sara. what she decide say is she was thinking of killing herself and tired of threats in person and online. a bully asked why she wasn't dead yet. sara said in her letter she talked to the school before and they had her fill out a foamplet
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the school system said it handled the situation properly. >> it's hour belief our school acted appropriately with the information it had. >> reporter: sara said she was tired of the bullying and was looking for suggestions to make the school more aware of her problem. well, the suggestions came in, in the form of thousands of responses from sympathetic people online. an administrator became a wear of the post at 1:30 in the morning. >> doing a little bit of dpect work. by 7:00 in the morning we had identified the school, identified the student. when that student arrived at school, she was met by administrators and her school cons slorp. >> reporter: that school is in anne arundel county. they now know that it is one of the tools they scan use to be aware of what's happening in their school system. >> the moore we can get people
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to talk to people about they're seeing, reading and hearing, the more quickly we can handle the situations. >> reporter: sara posted the overnight response, helped the situation 10-fold. anne arundel county, don harrison. >> anne arundel county police won't comment bus the person was a juvenile but a boy was give an juvenile -- citation for harassment. take a quiz with your child to see if your child is a victim of bullying. while the tough economy can have its challenges, a new study may have you looking on the bright side of things. a recent study shows the economy might be good for marriages. two psychologists found that couples who blamed the economy for some of their financial
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issues are more likely to be satisfied and that the part nors shared some of the responsibilities for their money problems. there's a break -- actually there's no break in drivers. ago ago continue to edge up. the nationwide average for a gallon of gas stands at $3.84. the jump marks the 10th consecutive day of rye rising gas prices. we know you're looking for the cheapest gas prices in the area. so go under the traffic tab and click on gas prices. there, you can find the best bargain for prices right there in your very moan neighborhood. well, for most of us, we've all said good-bye to winter, especially with this great weather. but in arizona a reminder that winter isn't over yet. how much snow got dumped on the state over the weekend. in the midwest more severe
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weather. where this video was captured. turn left.
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flagstaff highway led to multiple accidents. snow totals reached 10 to 14 inches. severe storms rolled through the midwest. several reports of twisters, funnel clouds were captured on camera in both willow and reed oklahoma. people in colorado were forced to evacuate because of wildfire. more than a dozen different fire companies were called in to help fight the fire. several were injured in the process. well, coming up, a 17-year-old florida teen gunned down with no weapon. why the police believe the man responsible has not been charged and what the 911 tapes are revealing about the shooting. the car on the left was filled up with
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an update to a story we've been following out of florida. outrage continues to develop because the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed 17-year-old still hasn't been charged. we have more. >> reporter: protests continue outside the seminole county courthouse, people furious over the shooting of an unarmed 17-year-old. trayvon martin went to the store to buy candy and shot dead in front of his house. still no charges against george zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer. >> i just don't understand why somebody can just take his life. >> reporter: now questions about
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the police who responded. zimmerman was never tested for drugs or alcohol even though it's routine in homicide cases. eyewitnesses dispute the captain's claim of self-defense saying kids seem to be dismissing their accounts and didn't follow up on the investigation. >> i heard the crying. as soon as the gun went whoever, the crying stopped. >> reporter: even more potential red flags. abc2 news learned zimmerman who wanted to ab police officer called 9115 -- 911, 50 times over the past year. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> we were don't need you to do that. >> reporter: experts say it was zimmerman who appeared to have slurred some worded and appeared to be under the influence. no charges have been filed. >> i don't think he would have
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even been followed if he was a white kid. >> reporter: with so much national attention, the fbi said they are in contact with local authorities and watching this case very closely. reporting for abc news, new york. all right. start off with a check of maryland's most popular radar. we are seeing shower activity toward the preston hear reaching up through points west of denton and one other isolated shower here, northern carroll county just cleared the taneytown area, the southern part impacting westminster. other than that not a tremendous amount of rain but some hit or miss showers and some could produce thunder and lightning. right now it is clear in the harbor. man, what a warm day, what a way to fin nirchlt 74 degrees out at the airport and through the day
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obviously, things clearing out eventually. see in towson, loch raven. as we take a look at bel air there was fog but the sunshine dominated the afternoon. our view from charm city run down main street and beautiful bel air in harford county. how about anne arundel county. you can see a couple of showers trying to get their act together. one, two, pop-up showers as you look over the ear shore. that's where we were tracking the showers from the top. mid-70s, upper 70s. these number last solid 20 degrees above average. cooler at the beach where you have an ocean breeze. remember the water temps are only around 50. so any breeze off the bay will cool you down. right now winds are variable but they are east at the beach. we get a southeast breeze in baltimore but not quite enough
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to bring down the air temp. humidity has come up. we'll look for the potential for patchy fog to develop. we have the setup with the light wind. there's cold air. i promise you that. it's in the west. we usually don't show you the big map. this case it's a way of explaining it's in the like the entire u.s. is way above average. they're way below from denver west but here in the east you can see we're cooking and places like atlanta warmer. across the east the weather will continue to get a little more unsettled into the evening hours. overall high pressure remains in control. it's a subtropical high. the coolest air is offshore. we're on the back side of it. as this thing shifts further offshore, we should get a warmer flow wednesday into thursday. chances of rain will be there. at least hit and miss showers. tuesday looks relatively dry.
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there may be some additional cloud cover. this last night of winter down to 52. remember, that's about our average high this part of the see son. spring begins tomorrow. spring equinox with more than 12 hours of daylight. tomorrow night down to 54 under a mostly cloudy sky. chances for rain pretty slim. we will bring back the chances toward the weekend. temperatures warm up to near 80 and cool off into the 60s for sunday into monday. kelly? >> thanks a lot. now to democracy 2012. mitt romney had a pretty good weekend but could his luck hold out as candidates campaign ahead of the primary. sandra, so what is the latest? >> reporter: it was another win for mitt romney over the weekend. he won more than 80% of the vote in puerto rico taking all of the 20 delegates in that territory.
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now mitt romney and rick santorum are duking it out trying to get their message out to voters. >> this could be an amazing time in american history and right here in illinois. you can usher that. you can surprise the pundits. >> this is not about me. this is about the feeding president obama and his agenda and turn returning -- returning america to free enterprise. >> reporter: romney touted his business background. >> i'm someone experienced in the economy. i'm not man economic lightweight. president obama s we'rement going to be successful in replacing an economic lightweight with another economic lightweight. >> reporter: while santorum took to the radio airwaves to tell voters that he is the better man for the job. >> i believe if we can win here in illinois, that will pierce the bubble of inevidentibility of mitt romney and we will get a
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conservativetive nominee -- consecutive nominee. >> now illinois does have early voting and that same poll shows that rm ni is beating santorum of all the people that have already cast their ballots. >> if romney won in puerto rico, where does that take us to the delegate count? >> reporter: this process has been very incremental. showing you where it stands, take a look. mitt romney at 519. santorum 239. newt gingrich 138 and ron paul with 69. now the magic number is 1144 delegates needed to win the nomination, so mitt romney is close to getting around half of that. >> all right, reporting live from washington. thanks for that report.
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well, he's in the getting as many headlines but president obama is raking in the cash obama's reelection campaign raised $45 million in februaryy. the team behind his campaign said 348,000 donated and 105,000 were new contributors. maryland senator barbara mi cull ky became the longest serving member. she won a u.s. house seat and was re-elected four times. congratulations. >> she stopped the highway going through fells point. >> this was like a flash mob that ended up with one girl in the hospital. how police plan to battle back
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the next time. >> and johns hopkins university has added either area of study. how studs can have a curriculum of sciences.
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stocks close higher. it doesn't seem like that much. the dow jones up 6 1/2. the s&p 500 up just over 5 1/2. in tonight's consumer alert, they've already conquered the world of fast food coffee, but now starbucks is bulging out.
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we have a look at the company's first juice bar. >> starbucks just opened a new store but don't even think about ordering a tall skinny latte. starbucks is squeezing into the juice bar market. the first branch is in belleview, washington. the store aims to con trait customers with juices, and it's made with a technique that retains the vitamins and flavors. the locations offer vee gan choices. until now the products were only available in grocery stores. the coffee chain want as piece of the $3.4 billion industry but it's a tough market. jamba swriews is the current leader. but the smoother maker has struggled recently with competition from starbucks and
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mcdonalds. looking for a chance to try the new juices? starbucks promises to bring the juices to its coffee shops later this year. reporting from new york. have you moved into the 21st century yet and started reading your books electronically? don't stress. experts say readers remember less and less in those e books. that's because people remember what they have read by navigating through the pages. so experts say nothing beats flipping the page. after about 15 years, apple announced this will open the -- its wallet to reward shareholders. it announced it would give out a dividend and launch a share repurchase program. this comes after the release of the new ipad last friday.
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for three years we've been warning about scams that may not look bad but will ultimately take your mony. the scams that continue to get your attention. abc2 news at 6:00 with jamie costello which starts right now. groups of juveniles flood downtown baltimore creating a near flash month. what happened 57bd and -- and how. >> if you lived in the city you have lived for this day, your property taxes might be cut. your teenager isage tated, sweating, you'd take them to the doctor but how to sit synthetic marijuana. one teenage girl is recovering from stab wounds after several groups


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